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Where the River Bends

1931: a time of social, economic and racial chaos.

A Mother: with a secret she’s been carrying for years

A Son: powerless to stand up for what he believes in

A Daughter: tormented by demons only she can see

A Family: struggling to remain whole in a world torn apart

A Black woman passing for White —

Where the River Bends: tells of a mother and son fighting to save themselves — and each other — from the destruction that sex, power and racism can cause, set in a turbulent and decisive period of American history.

On a rainy day in November 1931, two years after the crash of the New York Stock Exchange, Celeste Vandenholm’s husband drives his car over a cliff and ends up in a coma. Celeste is left with a teenage son, an autistic daughter, a Park Avenue lifestyle and a negative bank balance. She struggles to hold her family together against the forces of the Great Depression, but one setback after another sends her life spiraling out of her control.

Until the night of his father’s car crash, David Vandenholm’s life is charmed and his future golden. As his father’s financial duplicity comes to light, he sweats to care for his sister, help support his mother, and maintain his sense of self in an increasingly hostile environment.

However Celeste has a secret as well. When she makes the crucial decision to reveal it, David reacts with anger and blind emotion, triggering a deadly confrontation that claims victims in more ways than one.

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